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Reach Out today to support someone you know. Small things make a big difference to people with mental health problems

Here are some ideas to help you reach out.

However you reach out to someone, convey the message: “You matter to me, and I am here for you. Always." #ReachOut @TTCWales
It could be something small, for me it’s something as simple as a text, a nod of appreciation, a tap on the back #ReachOut @TTCWales
You never know, by saying to someone "I'm here for you" you may actually be doing one of the most heroic things you ever do #ReachOut @TTCWales
Ask them how they are. Listen to them. At the very least, smile at them. That can be enough to save a life #ReachOut @TTCWales
Trying to understand is a small act of kindness which can make such a positive difference #ReachOut @TTCWales
Social media messages are good because I don’t have to reply until I feel ready, it takes the pressure off #ReachOut @TTCWales
It’s letting someone know you’re there and that you understand #ReachOut @TTCWales
Just a text or a call, sometimes just going to see a friend who’s not feeling well rather than avoiding them #ReachOut @TTCWales
One friend regularly encourages me to go for walks with her when I have felt low #ReachOut @TTCWales
We have a cinema club which is something I do with my friends, it helps me out a lot #ReachOut @TTCWales
A friend sent me a parcel which had bubble bath and an adult colouring book which really helped me to de-stress! #ReachOut @TTCWales
Being there for someone, even if it’s just sitting and watching the telly #ReachOut @TTCWales
A friend telling me about the help I can get #ReachOut @TTCWales
Someone reaching out to you at work can make all the difference #ReachOut @TTCWales
It’s seeing someone when they’re not feeling well #ReachOut @TTCWales
I will always reach out to my students and ensure they never feel alone as their mental health relies on emotionally available adults. #ReachOut @TTCWales
Trying to understand is a small act of kindness which can make such a positive difference. #ReachOut @TTCWales
He made time for coffee: I felt less isolated, more human, better. #ReachOut @TTCWales
Sgwrs, coffi, gwên.. Dangos eich bod yn malio, cymryd diddordeb; gallwn i gyd wneud amser. Gwnewch hynny. #EstynLlaw @AINCymru
Just by asking 'How are you' and meaning it, is often all it takes. #ReachOut @TTCWales
My friend has always made time to talk and to think, connect and reach out to me. I always feel better. #ReachOut @TTCWales
Mental health problems will affect 1 in 4 people during their lifetime.